Our Featured Software Application

Ampare Wake on Lan

    Turn on Your PC/Server with Wake on Lan Bios-Support From Any PC is Same Local Area Network. It is cool like you are a magician that can Power on the server or pc Read more…

Ampare DNS Switcher

  Switch DNS Between Your Favorite Public and Private DNS with Ease Requirement : Windows 7 SP1 or Later with .NETFramework 4.6.2 Download Now No Thanks

Ampare File Date Changer

Ampare File Date Changer is a Simple Software To Change Creation Date , Last Modified Date and Last Accessed Date   Requirement : Windows XP and Later with .NETFramework 4.0 No Thanks

Ampare Exe Editor

  Ampare Exe Editor is Simple Windows Application That Edit Exe File Resources Metadata and Icons such as Legal Copyright , Product Name , Legal Trademark , Application Icon , Product Version , Original Filename Read more…

Ampare Music Tag

Ampare Music Tag is Simple Windows Application To Edit Music Metadata with ID3 Standard Specification.   No Thanks

Ampare HTTP Trace Route

Ampare HTTP Trace Route is A Simple Windows 64 Bit Application That Trace HTTP Route and Display Its Information.   It is useful in finding intelligent for Software Debugging , Security Testing , Vulnerability Finding Read more…

Ampare Combine Images To PDF

  Ampare Combine Images To PDF is A Simple Windows Application That Combine Multiple Images To PDF File.   Requirement : Windows XP or Later with .NETFramework 4 Installed.   No Thanks

Ampare Icon To Image

Lightweight Portable Windows Application To Convert Icon To PNG Image in Just Clicks Requirement : Windows XP Or Later with .NETFramework 4 Installed   Download Now : No Thanks