Ampare Engine – Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed.

Ampare Engine is a transparent software development company. Our Goal is to make software that makes customer life better , easier and convenience.

You are a Valued Customer that make our company able to continuing software development and technological research.

If you encounter any problems with software we sold or doesn’t satisfied with our software product.

We give you a Refund – Money Back Guarantee!


How To Ask For Refund – Money Back For Software Product

Step 1 :

Email us : ( Recommend )

or through our Contact Form

with Some Payment Evidence such as Paypal Receipt would be great! So that we can easily refund the right person.

Recommend Step :

Please Ask For Refund As Soon As Possible ,

We usually clearance and paid to our Affiliate and Re-seller Partner Next Day After Your Purchase.

Please Do Not Open Dispute Case on Paypal

Due To We must Give Refund through Jvzoo System.

When The Dispute Case is open , The Payment ID is lock  The Money is Locked By Paypal which we cannot submit refund through Jvzoo System that cause the Refund Process to slower than usual and may result in Partial Refund instead of Full Refund.

Step 2 :

Wait , We will reply your message in  2 – 3 Business Days and Provide You a Refund.

If you feel anxious and cannot wait. We recommend you to spam our mailbox every 8 hour so it always bump through the top of mailbox but please do not spam our mailbox too often in a day, It also cause us to anxious too.

Step 3 :

Congratulations! , You get your money back.

Sometimes , It may store on your paypal balance or if you purchase through card, It will automatically wire back to your bank account.

Step 4 ( Optional ) :

You can also provide us a feedback so that we can improve the software product.