Hi Everyone , Today we have some innovation to show to you guys. These are a technology called Dynamic Watermark.


Have you wonder  How your video going to safe online. We already create a Defa Protector to protect that but these plugin can better make advantage of defa protector by finding way to prevent user screen capture video.

Because There is no way to detect how screen capture works . So we decide to scare them a little bit by showing their full name , email on the video.


We have a solution for you to get cover .


WordPress Dynamic Video Watermark

This Website isn't activate Dynamic Watermark Yet.

Video Watermark Showoff


In Progress : We create an optional plugin to Animate the text . It may annoying but it can be 100% show up on video . So we decide to make an optional plugin


How to Install By Uploading Plugin in Plugin menu and Activated. It will automatically does the job for you.


Common Fix :

Header Already Sent when using with Defa Protector , So we giveaway one of our paid plugins for free called Header Already Sent Fix Plugin. Just activated it will fix the problem



From Bundled All 200 USD To 15 USD Only on Jvzoo


Changes :

In Image Watermark Version. Due to there are many image in the page that you may don’t want to watermark in WordPress such as Avatar and so on.


So to add an watermark to by just adding id  = “watermark” to the image 🙂



Updates :

We just got publication on many TV Station and Magazine . Hooray!! Here is some channel we like to show you.


Juthawong Naisanguansee Lanches High Quality Dynamic Video Watermark and Dynamic Image Watermark


Visit now at :  http://www.kplctv.com/story/30823225/juthawong-naisanguansee-launches-high-quality-dynamic-watermarks-at-affordable-prices



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Ampare WordPress Dynamic Watermark